For less than the price of a pizza, get something that’ll last you much longer!

Prime Day is almost over, but that’s doesn’t mean all the good deals are gone! Far from it, now’s the time to grab some of the best values on a wide variety of handy items. Whether you need some new accessories for your phone or for yourself, chances are you need at least one of these items, and the prices are unbeatable today.

No brainer price

Aukey 10,000mAh Battery Pack | 25% off at Amazon

Staff pick

$15 at Amazon

Anywhere your phone can fit, this power bank can fit, so you have no excuse not to carry it with you on long days. And at the price of a large pizza, there’s no reason to hesitate on owning one.

Keep it topped off

Anker PowerPort PD 1 USB-C Wall Charger | 30% off at Amazon

18W is the maximum charging speed for most phones, and this charger is the perfect size for stowing in your backpack or purse as a backup charger. After all, you never know when your phone might show that dreaded LOW BATTERY warning.

$14 at Amazon

Look, ma, no wireless!

LETSCOM Ultra Slim Wireless Charger | 28% off at Amazon

This compact pad comes in four colors — including a deep green that will look darling with the Pixel 5 and iPhone 12 — and supports fast wireless charging profiles up to 15W.

$7 at Amazon

Stylish and secure

PopSockets PopGrips

PopSockets can be swapped off when you want to change styles or wirelessly charge, and there’s a design out there for everyone, from sports fans to comic nerds to Disney freaks like me!

From $8 at Amazon

Every length you’ll need

Aukey USB C to C Cable 60W 4-Pack | 25% off at Amazon

These USB-C to USB-C cables support Power Delivery charging up to 60W — fast enough to use with your Chromebook or Macbook — and you get three lengths: 12-inch, 3.3 feet, and 6.6 feet.

$12 at Amazon

Back it up

SanDisk UltraFit 128GB USB 3.1 Flash Drive | 20% off at Amazon

$15 at Amazon

It never hurts to have a local backup for important files — tax returns, insurance info, etc — and this 128GB flash drive should have enough room for all your vital documents plus some music and movies.

Drink up, me hearties!

MININOO Insulated Water Bottle | 20% off at Amazon

I am notoriously forgetful when it comes to drinking water and staying hydrated while I’m working or out enjoying the world. A stainless steel insulated water bottle will keep water cold all day and all night so it’s cool when I remember to drink it!

$9 at Amazon

Need more ports?

Aukey Ultra Slim 5-in-1 USB-C Hub | 31% off at Amazon

If you just need to add some ports to a Chrome OS tablet that lacks USB-A ports entirely, this affordable little hub will give you enough for a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, and a memory card.

$10 at Amazon

Covered and cool

Levi’s Re-Usable Bandana Print Reversible Face Mask | 20% off at Amazon

Since we’re still at least six months from wide availability of a COVID vaccine, we’ll need spare face masks. Keep them in your car, backpack, or purse for when you forget your daily mask or lose them,

$13 at Amazon


Reese’s & Kit Kat Halloween Chocolate Candy Variety Pack | 30% off at Amazon

Tell me, is there anything better than chocolate and peanut butter? No, there isn’t, and getting a candy fix to help you keep your spirits up during the next few months of chaos isn’t a luxury. It’s absolutely essential!!

$10 at Amazon

I’ve already indulged in a few of these items myself: the Aukey power bank is the perfect size to slip in my pocket alongside my phone and can charge three devices at once if I’m really desperate for power. You also can never have enough USB-C cables because whenever you need one, they all seem to vanish from my usual spots!

I also treated myself to a pretty insulated water bottle for using while I’m out and about in the world. A good water bottle that keeps ice for hours on end is essential while I’m at Walt Disney World, but it’s also been an handy companion when I’m heads-down working all day and all night during the busy holiday season. When looking for a bottle, I highly recommend grabbing one without a sport cap or straw. Having a traditional bottle with a leak-proof seal means you can throw it in my gear bag wiithout having to worry about the lid coming open and soaking all my stuff, and this style tends to last longer before the seals wear out.

Source: Mobile Phones – Android Central

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