Hi all,

I’m sort of new to the website/blogging world so I hope I have done this right! Please bear with me over the coming weeks and months as I am sure that I will get to grips with it before long…

I started a news website in a niche which I am very interested in – technology. The website has a lot of different content as we have since expanded since the launch. Me and some of my friends, with the same interests as me, keep this website up to date by writing articles daily which we then share on various social media accounts (mostly Facebook and Twitter).

Monthly Summary

This month was the month we launched; and for the first month, it wasn’t bad. We pushed out plenty of content and began to see a good amount of traffic coming to our website (mainly from social media. The money from advertisements came in and has helped us ‘break even’ so far.

We have been experimenting with different ways of pushing our content to people through social media.

Initially, the website only had news on technology. Since the launch, we have expanded into lots of different categories (11 in total). These include gaming, photography, finance, business and startups.

What went well?

  • I think the amount of traffic we received was exceptional and exceeded my expectations for the first month.
  • The amount of content we produced also exceeded our expectations too. We kept up to date with all of the latest news and also produced some extra pieces like case studies on people!

What could be improved?

  • The earnings could be significantly increased. We are earning next to nothing for the amount of visitors we are getting. I have been in contact with my ad networks and they are helping me optimise my website but until then, we will have to live with what we have…
  • We never really game much thought to the design of the website. It may look good and modern but I think it could be made better. Eventually, I will completely re-design the website to be exactly how I want it. This will make it easier to navigate and professionally looking.


MetricJuly 2020
Page Views11204
Average Time on Page2 minutes 8 seconds

User Acquisition

Thought it would be a good idea to include this to show where we get the majority of our viewers from. Most of them come from Facebook. The amount of direct traffic is quite surprising though.



We have 3 different ad networks set up on our website to try and earn a bit more. Eventually, we will be removing 2 of them and having one primary source.

I am extremely disappointed by these results however hope to increase them over the coming months.


Google Search Console

Our CTR is exceptionally low and over the next month I would like to help increase it.

Average Position10.5

Goals for next month

  • SEO – Over the next month, I would like to improve the SEO of the website and optimise it for search engines.
  • Increase Organic Traffic – This sort of leads on from the previous goal but I would like to get some more organic traffic onto the website.
  • 15,000 sessions – I’m pushing the boat out a bit with this one but fingers crossed!
  • Guest blogs and independently find advertisers – Another way to get some revenue in is to charge people to write guest blogs and find small businesses or websites who want to advertise on our website.
  • Use other social medias – To get more traffic, we are planning to expand our presence onto other social media platforms than Twitter and Facebook.
  • Begin to use affiliate links – Next month, we are hoping to begin to use affiliate links to increase the revenue.
  • Increase returning visitors – Not really sure how I’m going to do this but I will give it a go and try different strategies.


  • Is building back links worth it?
  • Which other ways can we monetise our website?
  • Best SEO plugins on WordPress

Any other bits of helpful information would be appreciated too!


I know that my website isn’t the best or earning the most but I am still learning. I am still getting to grips with the whole blogging concept despite being around the scene for some while. This is my first proper venture and am still learning as I go on.

Thank you for reading!

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