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You may have noticed a change of scenery for this month’s case study. This website isn’t the website the case study is about though, don’t worry. I’d rather not share it with you because it would make the traffic skewed by people visiting it just for the case study rather than the content. This website is another side-project I have. It’s not finished yet though. Feel free to have a look around (only when you’ve finished reading this though!)

It has been 3 months now since I officially launched my news website – time flies when your having fun! Over the past month, the main focus has been improving the SEO of the site and writing even more content to entertain our engaged reader-base.

Previous month’s case studies

If you want to catch up with the progress so far, then you can find the case studies for this website below.

Month 1 – https://itechnews.co.uk/case-study-technology-news-website-month-1/

Month 2 – https://itechnews.co.uk/case-study-technology-news-website-month-2/

About the website and project

At the beginning of lockdown, me and a few friends found ourselves twiddling our thumbs with nothing to do. I had the genius idea of making a website in a niche that we all had an interest in. Since then, we have all worked tirelessly to make it work. Many long nights have been spent designing the website and drawing up plans for the future. A couple of articles are released per day after being optimised for search engines and are then shared on various mediums of social media to try and expand our audience.

Monthly Summary and Key Events

Over this month we have unfortunately saw a decrease in visitors, however they are back on the rise again. There are many positives that we can take out of the decrease in users though (a steep increase in organic traffic and more earnings, to name a few).

At the beginning of the month I received an email from Media.net and was informed that my account had been suspended, leaving me with Adsense and Infolinks as my only source of income from the website. I have since appealed their decision, but it was unsuccessful. You win some, you lose some, I guess. It’s just one of them things…

One article we wrote has helped our organic traffic a tonne. Nowadays, it gets us around 5 users per day but after it was released it was getting around 20. It is currently ranking in 4th place on Google.

We reached a milestone of organic visitors in a day too, completely by accident. On the day of the new iOS 14 update and the introduction of customisable home screens, we released an article on examples of things you can do. One of the screenshots we used was picked up by Google and was displayed on Google Images. This got us 101 clicks and helped us reach our record of 134 clicks in a day.

Things I’ve learnt since the launch

I have had many problems to overcome since the launch of this website. They have forced me to adapt and learn new things. One of the main things I’ve learnt is the basics of SEO and keyword research. Even though I have owned website sin the past, they haven’t been news or blog websites, therefore I never really needed to do much of this. It has been fun learning new things and I hope to continue to learn as I continue on this rollercoaster of website development.

Another huge thing I’ve learnt is to not lock yourself into a specific niche. Our main niche is computers, technology, and devices. They are all similar. Originally, we were just going to be a technology news site until we expanded into business, finance, photography and more. Now we have 8 categories and each of them perform comparably. It just shows how by expanding into different categories in the same field can help you expand your audience and viewership.

Traffic and Statistics

As I mentioned earlier, we have saw a decline in the amount of traffic that our website sees. Nevertheless, it was still a fairly successful month.

Average Time on Page2 minutes 13 seconds


This month we only have the 2 revenue streams: Adsense and Infolinks – both of which are, quite frankly, shafting me.



The organic searches are increasing which is always great to see. Twitter haven’t been pushing our content much from the official account, so Facebook has came in clutch to help with the traffic.


Google Search Console

The numbers on here are simply surreal to me. Considering we have only been in operation for 3 months, these numbers are amazing.

Click-Through Rate0.1%
Average Position7.7


I hope you have enjoyed my case study – sorry for it being a long one again! Hopefully we will meet again next month. Until then though, I hope your ventures are going well. Also, feel free to leave your feedback, thoughts and questions below or on Reddit and I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Thanks for reading!

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