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Category: Finance


Best Credit Cards for Pet Owners 

When you open your home to a pet, you commit to a never-ending price tag. But for many, the benefits of owning that scaly, furry or feathered family member outweigh the hard work and responsibilities involved. Whether you’re budgeting for routine purchases like food and…


3 Ways Most Seniors Get Dental Coverage 

didesign021 / As seniors find out in retirement — much to the surprise of many — traditional Medicare does not cover dental care. When it comes to keeping your choppers chipper, you are on your own. That may change at some point. Recently, Congress…


17 Tips to Lower Your Water Bill 

Max Topchii / Editor's Note: This story originally appeared on Living on the Cheap. In summer, water usage can account for as much as 50% or more of your monthly utility bill, depending on where you live. Learning how to conserve water during the…