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Category: Gaming


Best NES Games Of All Time 

After a turbulent period that saw the video game market hit a new low, the 1980s proved to be a decade of incredible growth for Nintendo. Having dabbled in the market since the 1970s, Nintendo’s new home console was a bold and exciting new direction…


Samsung Is Bringing Cloud Gaming To TV Lineup 

Cloud gaming typically requires a separate device connected to your display, such as a Chromecast for Stadia or a separate phone, computer, or console. Samsung is removing the middleman with its Tizen TV line, implementing its own cloud gaming service. The details are scarce, and…


Best GBA Games Of All Time 

Nintendo’s recipe for handheld success was a simple but proven formula by the time that the Game Boy Advance hit the market in the early-2000s. By mixing an impressive amount of mobile power into an attractive frame and then seasoning it with a constant stream…