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Final Fantasy VII Remake Coming To PlayStation 5

Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming to to the PlayStation 5 with upgraded visuals, load times, and new features, developer-publisher Square Enix announced today during Sony’s latest State of Play livestream. The game is expected to be re-released on June 10.

While the port comes with the standard upgrades people have come to expect, such as updated textures, fog, and lighting effects, a few quality of live improvements to note are the inclusion of faster load times, the option to choose between a graphics mode (which displays at 4K resolution) or a performance mode (running at 60 frames-per-second), and a new Normal (Classic) difficulty mode, which allows the player to automatically attack and defend. Lastly, Square Enix unveiled that Final Fantasy VII Remake is getting a photo mode, though it’s unclear if this is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 version of the game. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available as a free upgrade on PlayStation 5 for anyone that bought the game already on PlayStation 4. 

Source: Gaming – Game Informer

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