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Spider-Man: Miles Morales – the linchpin of the PS5 launch line-up (pic: Sony)

The Friday Inbox wonders if Apple or Amazon will become direct competitors to Sony, as one reader is unsure about Eye Of The Beholder 4.

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Mic drop
I initially thought the PlayStation 5 reveal went well but now that we’ve had a few days to think about it, it’s all beginning to fall apart. Even on the night it was disappointing that there was no big new IP or surprises, just lots of sequels and spin-offs to existing games. Nothing really wowed but everything looked good, and there was plenty of games so it all seemed fine.

But now we find out which of them are actually going to be out at launch and the only game from Sony is an expansion pack style sequel to Spider-Man? That’s it? That’s all they could manage after all these months of waiting and delays.

At first it seemed bad that Microsoft only had Halo Infinite for their launch but I’d say that was a much bigger deal than half a Spider-Man game (that is clearly going to be mostly the same city). That story about them having multiple mic drop moments in their July event now sounds like they might have a better plan than Sony and could actually win.

Before the PlayStation 5 reveal I thought Sony had the next gen in the bag, now I think it’s all open.

Same as it ever was
If Microsoft manages to put out an Xbox Series X for even just £300 I think that is going to make a significant dent in Sony’s plans but at the end of the day I still have to ask: what are Microsoft’s games and what is the reason for buying an Xbox Series X? If I already have an Xbox One why wouldn’t I just buy Halo Infinite and whatever else comes out on that?

Of all the things Microsoft has done the one thing I will never understand is the no exclusives idea. Sure, if you’re in the market for a new console and Game Pass seems like a bargain, which it is, then pick up an Xbox Series X but if you have an Xbox One already or are planning to get a PlayStation 5 it seems to offer very little.

Being good value and all is important but there needs to be a killer app either in terms of games or services. I’m not sure that Game Pass really counts as that as it already exists and it’s not going to be changed very much at all by the Xbox Series X launch. It’ll get Halo Infinite and… that’s about it as far as I can see.

Not that Sony are doing much better so far, with a weak launch line-up. Same as it ever was I suppose. See you in two years when there’s a chance that either machine might actually be interesting.

Not so secret
Thanks to GC we see a lot of companies doing weird things all the time but I’ve got to say the job ads that give away important new games is probably the weirdest. You might say they’re not giving much away saying there’s a new Mortal Kombat but they kind of are, and I certainly wouldn’t have betted on there being a new Injustice. It was a possibility but I wouldn’t have said it was a dead cert.

Then there were Bungie’s ads which gave away a whole brand new game in surprising detail. Something they haven’t announced at all in public. Why is everything so secretive except job ads? Do these companies not realise we can see the ads? Do they not understand how the Internet works?

Everyone seems to have given away info that they’d normally be shutting down YouTube channels for on an ordinary day, from Rockstar to Naughty Dog, Blizzard, Game Freak, and even Nintendo. Seriously, Nintendo! I was searching through for old GC stories and found that the Breath Of The Wild sequel was first known about through a job ad! That’s beyond weird.

Why is secrecy so important all the rest of the time but not when hiring a new graphics artist? I don’t get it. Is this some weird blind sport for the industry, like not being able to work a calendar and see when everyone else’s games are being announced?

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Welcome delay
Frustrating as it is to get another delay for Cyberpunk 2077 I think CD Projekt red have made a good decision to delay release until it’s ready.

The game is being touted as the benchmark for role-playing games, so a slight delay is a wait I’m willing to take. Hopefully, when we all get our hands on it, the game will be another triumph. Just like The Witcher 3 was.

Varied response
Last year Nintendo caved and admitted the Joy-Cons had issues with drifting and decided to fix Joy-Con drift for free, but only in the USA. At that time the UK still had to pay to get them fixed.

Now In my household there are four pairs of Joy-Cons that all have drift and I am at a point I refuse to buy any more. Do you know if Nintendo UK are fixing them here for free yet?

GC: Their policy seems inconsistent, with some reporting that they were fixed for free. Have you contacted them yourself?

Direct competitor
The following is only a what if scenario, don’t get too upset. Should the PlayStation 5 blow the Xbox out of the water and lead Microsoft to a future of either making games or solely concentrating on the PC can anyone see a new contender emerging on the console market? I know Nintendo do very well, but many consider it for kids only (not me, I’ve shouted some very adult themed words playing Mario Galaxy) so this is more of a question about a direct competitor to Sony.

Are there any companies that can challenge the juggernaut that is Sony? Apple? Amazon? Google? All three have the resources but have they got the resolve and the patience to lose millions trying to break into the game console scene? Yes, I know Stadia pretty much died on its arse but so have a lot of Google products. Amazon already make tablets, so probably not much of push to get into console making. Apple, mmmm… don’t see it as no one would want a console that would need upgrading every year. Cheap shot at Apple but they make bad containers to hold high tech innards.

Is there a new console company waiting in the wings to surprise us all? The PlayStation 1 came from nowhere and turned the market inside out. Could it ever happen again? Is it just too expensive to make a top of the line console and games?

I hope not. As long time gamers we have seen that competition is great for us. It gives us a choice and pushes the console makers to make us want their new sparkly dream machines by promising us lots of new features that we all must have and can’t do without. I’m actually surprised somewhere like Russia hasn’t had a crack at console making. They would have technology to match anywhere else and a ‘willing’ work force to make sure the console could be sold at a profit.

Familiar sound
Being an avid football fan I never thought I would ever see the day when the FA would be using the EA Sports FIFA 20 game sound effects for the newly restarted Premiership games in the stadiums. But then this last three months or so haven’t exactly been normal for us all have they?

And to be fair, it’s not too bad either. Obviously, it will never replace the atmosphere of the real fans inside the stadium but it’s definitely a good alternative.

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The limit
Here is my view on GTA 5 for the PlayStation 5 and, yes, I’m all for remasters but I at least draw the line and disagree with this coming to PlayStation 5. My reason for this is that we are told this will be expanded yet we are not told the full details of all the expansions that have been made, just tiny little titbits like better visuals and 4K. If this had come to Xbox One only it would have been OK, as the game wasn’t that old when Xbox One launched and it wasn’t backward compatible. Now we are told it isn’t backward compatible on PlayStation 5 and that we will have to rebuy this game for PlayStation 5 again.

In order for this game to be ported over to PlayStation 5, and to ensure fans are happy with it, it must offer something extra that the previous console could not and not only a few minor perks. For example, we haven’t a clue what DLC will be coming or if it will be any DLC that is a significant expansion from the Xbox One version, such as the ability to own multiple nightclubs, facilities, warehouses at once as well as being able to own every property in the GTA Online part of the game at once.

This type of expansion to the PlayStation 5 version would be a great way to ensure microtransaction demand is increased and would make Rockstar a lot of money. Additional radio stations most certainly should be a feature and I am hoping that we will see Rockstar allow us to travel to other cities in GTA 5 and visit them in missions online but I’m not holding my breath for that kind of expansion. I’m pretty sure with PlayStation 5 we shouldn’t be restricted to just San Andreas and to be honest Rockstar could expand the next gen version to include the ability to buy apartments in other cities outside of San Andreas, like Liberty City and Vice City.

This is a next gen GTA title even though it’s GTA 5 and people will want to see a next gen experience with significant upgrades and perks. Sadly, if this game is full price for anyone on PlayStation 5 with just minor upgrades it will put a lot of people of from buying it. I just hope in the future Rockstar works hard to expand the DLC for this game and really make it worth people forking out full price again for a game that’s seven years old.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)

GC: The PlayStation 5 version will be free for the first three months, so nobody’s paying anything for a while.

Inbox also-rans
Well done for the Darius Cozmic Collection review, GC! Glad to see you still have time for the little games, but those prices… they’re not exactly going to attract many new fans with that, are they?

Eye Of The Beholder? Now there’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time! I don’t see how they do a modern day version though because everything that made it unique was in the old tech. It’d just be like Skyrim but everything’s dungeons otherwise.

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