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PS Plus Collection Can Be Played On PS4 After Claiming On PS5

The PlayStation 5 is now available in many regions, and new users will likely be jumping into the PlayStation Plus section of the console’s store to nab the PlayStation Plus Collection. The Collection includes numerous PS4 games that you can play on PS5–and, as it turns out, on PS4, too.

GameSpot can confirm, after conducting tests, that once the Collection has been claimed on a PlayStation 5 the games can be played on a PS4. That means that you’ll still need to get your hands on a PS5 to access the Collection, but if you’ve kept your PS4 you can install the games on there afterwards.

If you want to free up some space on the PS5’s limited SSD, or set up your PS4 in another room of your home, this could be very handy indeed.

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Source: Gaming – Game Spot

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